Arden equipment delivered to the United States Navy on the military base in Cádiz, Spain, its largest sorting grab the S6002B.

The operation was coordinated by Newimar S.A., a construction company providing technical services in the base, and Finanzauto, a Caterpillar distributor in Spain, who delivered the Cat 374F L track excavator as a gripper.

The S6002B takes the S3002B place and becomes the biggest sorting grab

Comparison between the S6002B (left) and the S3002B (right), with reinforcements in the lower part of the claws

The S6002B has now become the largest sorting grab of Arden equipment range. The attachment has a perpendicular opening to the ground of more than 3 meters, a 2200 liters capacity, two rotational motors and three hydraulic cylinders. The S6002B takes over the S3002B which is also used on the base.

The S6002 is more resistant

The S6002B conducted works that included beach cleaning. The attachment also carried out the creation of new dikes in the harbor and therefore was used to manipulate and handle larges and heavy rocks.

Arden Equipment Sorting Grabs are made of abrasion resistant steel with high elastic resistance to absorb shock during the impact with the materials.

A wave-shaped structure reinforcement has been directly integrated within the bars, which makes it possible to better absorb shocks but also to reinforce the maintenance of the bars in place and therefore their resistance and strength.

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