AIO Quick Coupler
The AIO, the quick coupler with automatic connections

Arden Equipment launches its new All-In-One quick coupler with automatic connections, the AIO. You can now change hydraulic and mechanical tools in less than 10 seconds without leaving the cab. The AIO, All In One is designed for excavators from 12 to 30 tons and allows you to quickly switch between different tools safely. The AIO allows you to connect oil, grease, electricity and water so you can use the Arden Jet technology!


This compact and robust tool has very high-pressure and very high-flow connectors which allows it to be compatible with the most powerful equipment on the market.


The AIO is therefore perfectly suited to the most demanding applications on your working sites, such as demolition and recycling. You will also be able to carry out without any worries all your earthworks or even roadworks efficiently. In addition, the AIO is compatible with the Arden TiltRotor to give you all the versatility you need to save time.



The AIO was designed to best meet with safety issues on working sites. The new Arden Equipment quick coupler overcomes current standards with its quadruple security system as it not only complies with ISO 13 031:2016 but also meets the Nordic standards of the SUVA.

Arden Equipment aims for total safety of its quick couplers! Therefore Arden Equipment designed the AIO with its quadruple safety system to meet the standard!

1/ The AIO has a Visual indicator of the attachment lock that shows the operator that the attachment is properly locked 2/ The quick coupler has been equipped with a front axle safety pallet to guarantee the correct positioning of the equipment and prevents it from unhooking 3/ Two powerful exterior springs keep the hitch locked in case of hydraulic failure 4/ A pilot operated check valves prevents the hydraulic cylinder from opening in case of failure on the excavator

On top of that to strengthen the equipment a folding protection plate has been added to protect the connectors when using a non-hydraulic attachment.


The new quick coupler, the AIO, will allow you to significantly increase your productivity. The hydraulic tool change is done in less than 10 seconds. You can save between 20 and 30 minutes thanks to its versatility since we estimate that the AIO is cost-effective from 2 or 3 tool changes.


Arden Equipment’s All In One quick coupler has been designed to be environmentally friendly thanks to its waterproof system that helps limit oil leakage into nature.

Arden Equipment is committed to a responsible approach and integrates technologies that allow to protect both humans and the environment.

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