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The technology Arden Jet awarded on Matexpo 2019

Arden Equip­­ment prides itself on winning another prize for the Arden Jet on Matexpo 2019.

Arden Jet remporte le Green Award 2019 de Matexpo.jpg

Awar­­ded seve­­ral times already the Arden Jet recei­­ved the Green Award at the Matexpo opening cere­­mony in Belgium.

This solu­­tion is the first factory built-in spraying system that reduces dust on sites to protect workers and the public from dust inha­­la­­tion.

The jury was sedu­­ced by the inte­­gra­­ted nozzles system that sprays directly the job sites with preci­­sion and there­­fore opti­­mize dust reduc­­tion. The panel also consi­­de­­red the econo­­mi­­cal and ecolo­­gi­­cal impact the solu­­tion has on the envi­­ron­­ment since it requires much less water that current solu­­tions on the market.

Dust inha­­la­­tion is a serious problem on sites espe­­cially with tougher safety and health regu­­la­­tions that requires more and more effi­­cient dust control solu­­tions to protect workers.

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