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Arden Equipment is now a member of the Environmental Services Association

Arden Equip­­­­­­­ment is deligh­­­­­­­ted to announce that we have joined the ESA (Envi­­­­­­­ron­­­­­­­men­­­­­­­tal Services Asso­­­­­­­cia­­­­­­­tion) to increase our posi­­­­­­­tive impact on the envi­­­­ron­­­­­­­ment and to enhance our focus on serving the Recy­­­­­­­cling and Waste Mana­­­­­­­ge­­­­­­­ment indus­­­­­­­try

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The Euro­­pean Union produces more than 2.2 billion tonnes of waste every year, hence its current review and upda­­ting of its legis­­la­­tion on waste mana­­ge­­ment to Promote a more sustai­­nable shift. Who of us has not heard of the 'Circu­­lar Econo­my’ by now? That is why it has become extre­­mely impor­­tant for Arden Equip­­ment to put a strong focus on desi­­gning solu­­tions and equip­­ments that meet the highest stan­­dards to protect the envi­­ron­­ment, the public and the work­­force.

For many years now Arden Equip­­ment has desi­­gned Hydrau­­lic Atta­ch­­ments for the waste mana­­ge­­ment indus­­try such as Sorting Grabs, Grapples, Clam­­shells or even Loading or full Dumping Buckets. Mre recently Arden Equip­­ment­­de­­ve­­lo­­ped its paten­­ted 'Arden Jet’ solu­­tion to tackle one of the largest chal­­lenges on working sites « Dust ». The mana­­ge­­ment of dust suppres­­sion is compul­­sory and compa­­nies in the construc­­tion sector do not have a choice other than rein­­for­­cing their health and safety guide­­lines to protect their workers and the envi­­ron­­ment that can lead to very serious diseases. The Arden Jet is the first water spraying inte­­gra­­ted tech­­no­­logy that reduces dust by accu­­ra­­tely spraying water excatly where you need it and when you need it, helping in the suppres­­sion of dust whilst avoi­­ding wasted water, all suppor­­ting the drive to reduce the envi­­ron­­men­­tal impact and increa­­sing work place safety prac­­tices.

The part­­ner­­ship with the ESA will help streng­­then Arden Equip­­ment’s strong values and contri­­bu­­tion to the waste mana­­ge­­ment indus­­try as well as the construc­­tion and demo­­li­­tion sectors. 

Learn more about the ESA here

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