The company

Since 1956, quality and inno­­va­­tion have been key to the success of Arden Equip­­ment, which has today become a world leader in its market.

AE = expertise + qualité

40 years expertise

Since 1956,

With more than 40 years of exper­­tise, Arden Equip­­ment has deve­­lo­­ped a wide range of atta­­che­­ments for public works and now opens its product offe­­ring to many sectors inclu­­ding demo­­li­­tion, recy­­cling, reco­­very, earth­­works, rehand­­ling, fores­­try and rail. Arden Equip­­ment’s buckets have made the compa­ny’s solid repu­­ta­­tion and many other tools have been added to the compa­ny’s history, such as grapples, grabs, shears, loaders, clam­­shell grabs, and many more…

Genuine Know-how !

A French manufacturer with a genuine know-how

Arden Equip­­ment is a French manu­­fac­­tu­­rer that guaran­­tees the quality of all its equip­­ment. 

It offers a complete range of inno­­va­­tive acces­­so­­ries for the most deman­­ding jobs and appli­­ca­­tions. All of its employees aim to best meet the requi­­re­­ments of its custo­­mers by offe­­ring tailor-made services to ensure the perfect adap­­ta­­tion of its equip­­ment. 

She chooses her compo­­nents with care and ensures that they respect the quality stan­­dards that she imposes on the manu­­fac­­ture of her acces­­so­­ries. Most of its equip­­ment is made from Hardox-type metal, favo­­ring a short path to meet envi­­ron­­men­­tal constraints.

Safety and Environment

Arden Equipment focuses on safety…

…all of its employees aim to respect this value to provide its custo­­mers with reliable equip­­ment at all levels. 

In March 2018 Arden Equip­­ment was awar­­ded for its new gene­­ra­­tion couplers with a triple safety that prevents any unlo­­cking of the equip­­ments on construc­­tion sites in order to guaran­­tee an opti­­mal secu­­rity. 

By making envi­­ron­­men­­tal respon­­si­­bi­­lity one of its top prio­­ri­­ties with inno­­va­­tive, high-perfor­­mance paten­­ted concepts such as Arden Jet, the first inte­­gra­­ted water spray system to capture dust on construc­­tion sites, Arden Equip­­ment has retai­­ned its posi­­tion as a major player in the market.

The growth of Arden Equipment

Customers are Arden Equipment’s top priorities

Arden Equip­­ment strives to meet the expec­­ta­­tions of its custo­­mers by liste­­ning to them and offe­­ring them an after-sales service that meets their requi­­re­­ments. Arden Equip­­ment’s teams are always avai­­lable to support and solve problems as effi­­ciently as possible. 

The company counts more than 200 employees in France and worl­­wide and conti­­nues to conquer markets by constantly deve­­lo­­ping its commer­­cial rela­­tions with its distri­­bu­­tors and custo­­mers around the world. With subsi­­dia­­ries in France, Great Britain, Russia, Germany and Spain 

Arden Equip­­ment has conque­­red Europe and its next goal is to posi­­tion itself as a strong key player in North America where it has already begun to demons­­trate its exper­­tise.

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