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60 KG / UA23-2

This coupler accepts original buckets with pins to the machine measurements, as well as MAX buckets (with pins embedded in the beam to maintain the digging force) or different brands of bucket (subject to compatibility). It can be used to work with buckets in standard or front loading configuration. Its oversized V-shaped hooks can fit buckets with different spacing and pin diameters. You therefore have no alterations to make to your machinery, you only need one coupler to use all your equipment (subject to compatibility). It is the only coupler available on the market to offer such versatility. mechanical
and hydraulic/ Versatile /
Work using standard or front loader configuration / Use of different pins and spacings / A triple security with compression springs and a blocking plate system


Hydraulic Kit Removable original machine pin kit Welded pin on original buckets and on MAX bucket kit Removable pin for coupler kit