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500 KG / BH600 R151

Fully customisable to your needs /
Versatile and reliable (earthworks and material picking)/
Easy maintenance / With their 360° rotation, the Arden Equipment clamshell grabs provide easy handling whatever your site configuration / fitted with manual or automatic centralised lubrication / the cylinders on our clamshell grabs are fitted with stem protectors limiting failures and impacts on the stems and other possible breakage / Many models can be fitted with a safety valve (single or double) for safer work /Depending on the models, Arden Equipment clamshell grabs are fully “customisable”: they can be delivered with free rotation, with a fixed yoke or rotation with motors and crown. The BH600 model is available in two rotation versions, 15t and 20t with crown (to be defined depending on your equipment configuration), the BH600 is used to pick all types of materials with its 3 sets of different shells (small, medium and large profiles), with a bare blade version with a reversible bolted counter-blade and/or counter-bands.
2 synchronising connecting rods better spread the forces when in use.


bottom belts semi-sealed overlapping shells.