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3285 KG / BH713

Fully customisable to your needs /
Versatile and reliable (earthworks and material picking)/
Easy maintenance / With their 360° rotation, the Arden Equipment clamshell grabs provide easy handling whatever your site configuration / fitted with manual or automatic centralised lubrication / the cylinders on our clamshell grabs are fitted with stem protectors limiting failures and impacts on the stems and other possible breakage / Many models can be fitted with a safety valve (single or double) for safer work /Depending on the models, Arden Equipment clamshell grabs are fully “customisable”: they can be delivered with free rotation, with a fixed yoke or rotation with motors and crown. The BH713 - 2VH (2 Horizontal Cylinders) port grab has a 25t rotation. It was developed for a capacity from 2150l to 5000l and a width from 1700mm to 2300mm.


Arden Jet Centralised lubrication Kit