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/ G2X4G2500

The Arden Equipment multi-tine grab product line covers all handling and recycling professionals’ needs. With their reinforced tines and their cylinder stems protected by armouring in cast steel, these multi-tine grabs are especially strong, even in the most extreme use conditions. This excellent strength can also be explained by pins that have been improved using high frequency treatment, pin passages fitted with rings and a motor + crown rotation adapted to the lifting capacity. The entire product line has frames manufactured using High Elastic Limit steel (HEL), and all the tips made from cast steel are removable and interchangeable over the entire product line, allowing for fast and easy maintenance. The models starting from the GA452 also offers a reinforced ROCK version. Arden Equipment has developed a special 8 tine multi-tine grab with a capacity of 2500l for the unloading of rail wagons. Its rectangular shape guarantees fast and optimum unloading.
These 2 multi-tine grabs can be fitted with a centralised lubrication kit. Strong and reliable /
Fully customisable /
Easy maintenance /
2 special crane truck versions /
Available with 3, 4 or 5 tines /
Reinforced cylinder protection and hydraulic hose protection option


Safety valve on the cylinders Crocodile teeth on each tine for block picking Hose protection cover for 4 or 5 tines Reinforces Cores