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2100 KG / BBH020

Arden Equipment hydraulic concrete pulverisers can be fitted to excavators from 13 to 80 tonnes. These tools are exclusively for use in recycling and secondary demolition.
Arden Equipment hydraulic concrete pulverisers are the ideal tools for work on the ground and for demolition waste recycling, concrete crushing or the separation of rebars. By making it possible to recycle rebars directly on site, they guarantee significant time saving for your demolition missions. This versatile tool furthermore avoids multiplying the number of tools or the site (pulveriser + crusher), reducing your logistics requirements and equipment and financial investments. Available with or without rotation, all fitted with a reversible blade bar cutter at the back of the jaw, the Arden Equipment hydraulic concrete pulverisers feature many wear parts manufactured using 550 and 600HB high abrasion resistance steel (shown in red on the photos below). Many of these parts can be replaced, including the interchangeable cast teeth, thus limiting maintenance and repair costs. The BBH hydraulic rotation is over 360° using a crown and motors: motor protected from excess flow and temporary excess pressure and not requiring a drainage line.The BBH is fitted with cruciform teeth which are specially effective for piercing concrete, which is usually the most complicated step in crushing concrete, making this operation easier.

Available in hydraulic or mechanical versions/
Available with or without rotation/
Two options to reduce cycle time Booster and Speed Valve/
Electromagnet option /
Several tooth options available depending on the required grading/ Drilling template on the top of the rotation to quickly fix all types of adapter plate . The BBH014 is available in 2 versions: either with no rotation, or with 360° hydraulic rotation with 2 motors.
The BBH020 can be used either in a fixed version, or using a 360° hydraulic rotation using 2 motors that can be directed in both directions.


Arden Jet Speed Valve Booster