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1470 KG / BB2VH

Fully customisable to your needs /
Versatile and reliable (earthworks and material picking)/
Easy maintenance / With their 360° rotation, the Arden Equipment clamshell grabs provide easy handling whatever your site configuration / fitted with manual or automatic centralised lubrication / the cylinders on our clamshell grabs are fitted with stem protectors limiting failures and impacts on the stems and other possible breakage / Many models can be fitted with a safety valve (single or double) for safer work /Depending on the models, Arden Equipment clamshell grabs are fully “customisable”: they can be delivered with free rotation, with a fixed yoke or rotation with motors and crown. The BB2VHB model has been designed for picking beet. The kinematics on its shells has been specifically designed to avoid damaging the beet during handling, while optimising its picking from the ground. The frame has been designed wide and flat, thus reducing the cantilever. This BB2VH grab offers 360° rotation provided by 2 hydraulic motors and a directional crown, and can work with 5 sets of shells of different widths and capacities. The cast anti-abrasion steel teeth mounted on the shells are profiled to reduce the amount of earth picked with the beet. This grab has 2 horizontal cylinders with shock absorbers at the opening limits which are protected inside the frame, thereby limiting shocks and noise when the shells are opened. 2 assistance connecting rods have also been built into the frame to better spread the force. The BB2VH superstructure can be fitted with closed picking shells to handle other types of materials.


A flow regulation option is available for direct connection to the bucket cylinder circuit.