Arden Jet

The Arden Jet is the first spraying system factory fitted on a demo­­­­­­­­li­­­­­­­­tion atta­­­­­­­ch­­­­­­­­ment.  

Arden Jet - Système de pulvérisation haute pression


Arden equipment was praised 6 times for the Arden Jet worldwide!

The Arden Jet awar­­­­­­­­ded 5 times worl­­­­­­­­wide has been desi­­­­­­­­gned to reduce dust on working sites or quarry to protect workers from dust inha­­­­­­­­la­­­­­­­­tion and the envi­­­­­­­­ron­­­­­­­­ment. 

This paten­­­­­­­­ted system is the first spraying system factory fitted on a demo­­­­­­­­li­­­­­­­­tion atta­­­­­­­ch­­­­­­­­ment. This tech­­­­­­­­no­­­­­­­­logy offers a fully inte­­­­­­­­gra­­­­­­­­ted and opti­­­­­­­­mi­­­­­­­­sed spraying device which is not compa­­­­­­­­rable to the other solu­­­­­­­­tions currently on the market.

Technical specifications

Spray nozzles system directly built-in

Spray nozzles are directly built into the atta­­­­­­­ch­­­­­­­­ment and are protec­­­­­­­­ted by speci­­­­­­­­fic rein­­­­­­­­for­­­­­­­­ced holders placed under the rota­­­­­­­­tion.

The nozzles can be fitted in different angles for an opti­­­­­­­­mum result. It is very quick and simple to change.

The nozzles directly fiited on the body  guaran­­­­­­­­tee a preci­­­­­­­­sion while spraying the demo­­­­­­­­li­­­­­­­­tion area. The water is asto­­­­­­­­mi­­­­­­­­sed with high pres­­­­­­­­sure crea­­­­­­­­ting a very fine mist which guaran­­­­­­­­tees visi­­­­­­­­bi­­­­­­­­lity on the demo­­­­­­­­li­­­­­­­­tion area. 

The hoses being built directly Inside the tool via the turning joint allows safe water and oïl flows.

Rever­­­­­­­­sed cylin­­­­­­­­ders built with stems inside the frame are protec­­­­­­­­ted from shocks and water. 



The Arden Jet is the solution to control dust

  • Dust is redu­­­­­­­­ced to protect health and the envi­­­­­­­­ron­­­­­­­­ment
  • The job is more preci­­­­­­­­sed with the fine mist being sprayed
  • The rota­­­­­­­­tion system and inver­­­­­­­­ted cylin­­­­­­­­der stems remain dry and protec­­­­­­­­ted which reduce cost due to main­­­­­­­­te­­­­­­­­nance
  • The water consump­­­­­­­­tion is signi­­­­­­­­fi­­­­­­­­cantly redu­­­­­­­­ced and there­­­­­­­­fore more econo­­­­­­­­mic as well as ecolo­­­­­­­­gi­­­­­­­­cal

Quality, service and...


Arden Equip­­­­­­­­ment is commi­­­­­­­­ted to a global and struc­­­­­­­­tu­­­­­­­­red approach which aims at satis­­­­­­­­fying its clients while making the envi­­­­­­­­ron­­­­­­­­ment and safety its most impor­­­­­­­­tant issue.

The Arden Jet is the first spraying system fully inte­­­­­­­­gra­­­­­­­­ted which reduces dust on site. Arden Equip­­­­­­­­ment was prai­­­­­­­­sed seve­­­­­­­­ral times for its latest inno­­­­­­­­va­­­­­­­­tion and will conti­­­­­­­­nue to provide imro­­­­­­­­ve­­­­­­­­ments to protect workers and the envi­­­­­­­­ron­­­­­­­­ment. 

Arden Jet avec système de buses intégrées