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Arden Equipment sets out to conquer North America

Arden equip­­ment based in the North East of France in the Arden region opened its US subsi­­diary. The company leve­­rages its wide range of atta­ch­­ments to lure the market with its latest inno­­va­­tions for secu­­rity and envi­­ron­­ment such as the Arden Jet tech­­no­­logy to posi­­tion itself on the ameri­­can market.

Véronique Le Provost Business Development Manager North America Arden Equipment

The French manu­­fac­­tu­­rer Arden equip­­ment specia­­li­­sed in hydrau­­lic atta­ch­­ments for exca­­va­­tors in various sectors such as demo­­li­­tion, recy­­cling, quarry, rehand­­ling, erath­­mo­­ving and many more… has just announ­­ced the open­­ning of its US subsi­­diary in Chicago, Illi­­noy.

Arden Equip­­ment is ready to take on this signi­­fi­­cant chal­­lenge to become one of the major actors on the ameri­­can market by deli­­ve­­ring to the market quality and inno­­va­­tive atta­ch­­ments while streng­­the­­ning its after sales service to meet the market expec­­ta­­tions.

Véro­­nique Le Provost is the Busi­­ness Deve­­lop­­ment Mana­­ger respon­­sible for North America at Arden Equip­­ment has already began looking for dealers on the market, she said « We are aware it is a true chal­­lenge for us because we know how impor­­tant it is for Arden equip­­ment to posi­­tion itself on such a market with so many oppor­­tu­­ni­­ties and we have to measure up to the market and its requi­­re­­ments… ».

Véro­­nique Le Provost has been criss-cros­­sing the Unites States and Canada in order to deve­­lop strong part­­ner­­ships with dealers. Arden Equip­­ment is now reday to take on the chal­­lenge with its new subsi­­diary based in the Unites States.

Véro­­nique Le Provost and Daniel Dupuy the President of Arden equip­­ment Inc, will be exhi­­bi­­ting at the Natio­­nal Demo­­li­­tion Show in Denver, Colo­­rado from the 22nd till the 25th of March. They both will travel­­ling to Canada to visit the Ameri­­cana in Montréal on the 26th and 27th of March as well as the Natio­­nal Heavy Equip­­ment Show in Toronto on the 28th and 29th of March to find new dealers.

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